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On The 5 Studio

sea glass art -- with a touch of whimsy

On the 5 Studio is a thriving sea glass art business owned by Vanessa Flavin and nestled just outside the vibrant city of Boston. With a passion for coastal beauty, Vanessa has transformed her love for the ocean into stunning works of art. The studio, located in a charming corner of the city, serves as a sanctuary where creativity flourishes. Meticulously collected from local beaches, the sea glass pieces used in Vanessa's artwork carry stories of their own, shaped by the ebb and flow of the Atlantic. Through her unique vision and meticulous craftsmanship, Vanessa weaves together the vibrant hues and textures of sea glass to create captivating home decor pieces. Each purchase from On the 5 is not just an acquisition of stunning art but also an investment in preserving the enchanting allure of the sea.

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